Retail Detail

Protect your retail store environment from floor-to-ceiling and and have everything taken care of to the very last detail.

We will provide you with a detailed proposal for the right type of protection and placement depending on your operational and environmental needs. A deployment plan ensures deliverables are clear and time tables are maintained. And ensuring you get the best value. 

Brochure: Retail_Detail.pdf

Products in this product line



Comes in any size and material for protection from any kind of impact, caused by shopping trolleys, cleaning equipment and foot traffic.

entrance matting

Entrance Matting

Make an entrance with our matting that captures dirt and moisture before it enters the building. Suitable up to 500 kg per trolley. 


Rail Systems

Your refrigerators, displays, walls and corners can take a beating everyday and still look as good as ever with our sustainable designs. 


Corner Guards

From the entrance to the backroom, our durable and simple designs enhance and protect your store decor from costly damage.

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